Sunday The Game

Sunday The Game

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It’s Sunday, dinner time. Let´s go play?

You will love being the main character, and learn about the matches’ peculiarities, which can be individual or collective. In this game, there is a place for men, women, fear, ideologies, certainties and changes of paradigm. As you all know, Sunday is a day of rest, or free time, football or any game!

From sunrise to sunset, we live. We all take life one day at a time, and this book could give you a better way to look at one day, and live a better day every day.

What are your skills? How can you use them to do what you really want to do? What are you doing? If it is fear holding you back on the game of life, then once you identify what you are afraid of, you can finally move ahead.

Some readers describe Sunday the Game as a self-help book, but that’s too simple: based on relationships, it’s an exploration of the different ways we can experience life.

Pieces of one’s self become the game pieces on a chessboard, metaphorically speaking; once the game is been played, you are starting to arrive to a newfound understanding of yourself and those around you. Pick this challenge up today, and try it the next Sunday!